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Reaching aids

We stock a various reaching aides from the Regum grabbit range

Featuring folding aides that can fit into your bag or different lenths from 30-35cm

2 styles of grip to enable better selection to maximise your comfort.

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Featuring folding &

Handy bar

Take the pain out of exiting & getting into your car. This handy tool simply fits into the door pillar and

Provides a solid handle for support & leverage. Simple & effective product ideal as a gift

Threshold ramps

Recycled rubber ramps .ideal for overcoming small trip points at doorways & sliding doors.

Can be trimmed to fit between architraves. Great for people renting & cheaper that constructing ramps

ideal for those 25 mm & 5omm ridges


Over Chair table

The table has a modern ergonomic shape ,adjustable hight & tilt making it suitable for both elctric lift & standard chairs, wirth a separate drinks table allows main table to remain tilted

Attractive laminate finish & steel construction

Oxford powered hoist

We have a range of hoist from this well know medical supplier, Suitable for professional or home use.

Hoist are a essential tool in not only comfortably lifting patients but also in the prevention of the career becoming injured. Contact us for more details on the range of lifts & slings available

Pedal Exerciser

Simple way to exercise the legs with varying degrees of resistance. Handy leg exercise machine for recuperation from operations (especially joint replacements), for those needing to improve their fitness, or for improved circulation in the legs.

  • Chrome plated
  • Easy to assemble without tools
  • Hand wheel alters resistance