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Walking sticks

Aluminium construction .Folds into 4 pieces & fits into most


Traditional Wooden walking stick

Tried & true solid wood construction & non slip rubber stopper

 For the traditionalist

Forearm Crutches

Standard grip

DAYCRU42186- medium>800-1200mm

DAYCRU46619- large> 890-1370mm

Ergonomic grip

DAYCRU68308- Medium



Light weight Aluminium Crutch at affordable price

Aluminium under arm Crutch

Durable and strong crutch made from high tensile extruded

Aluminium with quality rubber tips

DAYCRU38309          1400mm-1600mm

DAYCRU68310          1570mm-1780mm

DAYCRU68311          1780mm-1980mm

Merits 6’ Walker

This lightweight aluminium walker has a detachable padded backrest, adjustable handle height, loop style lockable brakes, and a covered vinyl carry bag that folds with the walker when in a folded position. It has 4 x 6” wheels. Folds easily in one action for storage in boot.

Merits Push Down Walker 6"

This lightweight unit is similar to the W462 but has double rear wheels for added stability. Instead of hand brakes, this unit has push down brakes that place the rear axle on the floor when the handles have weight applied to them.

Merits 8" Walker


A lightweight aluminium walker with larger than standard wheels that give added safety when being used on uneven surfaces, footpaths and ramps. It has all the advantages of the W462 with foldable vinyl carry bag and loop handle brakes, but with larger 8” tyres.

Foldable walker.

Finally a fold up walker that can be packed away for travelling without taking up the whole boot.This inivative walker fold inwards making it easy to negotiate narrow doorways .

Comes with a vinyl seat & soft carry bag. Handy foot pedals to get up gutters along with 8 ‘wheels to aide in negotiating difficult train

Merits Walking frame

This budget aluminium frame walker comes standard without wheels, but can have front wheels fitted at extra cost. It is foldable and height adjustable.

Ideal muliple use item when traving as aluminium construction allows this item to be used in wet area's as well