Hoists & Lifts
Bruno Platfrom Lift

Bruno Platfrom lifts offer a cost effective alternative to large outside ramps.wWWhy tak up all you yad with ugly ramps when a bruno platform lift can raise you to your veranda or door at the push of a button. Available in a range of hieght , just give us a call and we can run through the many adavantages of the BRUNO PLATEFORM LIFT with you.

Bruno AWL 150 Hoist.

The Bruno AWL 150 Hoist is a ideal hiost for manual wheelchairs , travel scooters & powered wheelchairs. Simply place the unit in its docking station connect your mobility device with the special attachements for your unit and press a button . The AWL 150 will do all the lifting for eliminating all the hassels of lifting and positionoing your mobility device. Ideal for small cars as the unit breaks down for when the boot is closed.LIfting capacity of 90 KG

Bruno Chariot

THe Bruno Chariotis a electric lift platform that effortless attaches ti the back of you car. Unlike a trailer the car can be reversed as normal and all the weigh of the unit is spead through the pivoting wheels alowing you to carry normal oads within the vehicle.Fully tested to US motor industry standards this unit offer a ulternative to expensive vehical conversion or those scooter damgaing trips in your trailer.simply to use with a push of a button these drive on drive off hoists are the perfect answer for getting your mobility device from point A to B no matter how far apart that may be.

Bruno Back Saver wheel chair lift

The Bruno Back Saver wheel chair lift is a simple transport device that requires no lifting of the wheelchair for effortless transpoting of you wheel chair..Simply wheel the wheelcahir into position push the up button and the wheelchair is automaticly raised & "Locked' into position.. No need for straps or tying fancy knots


The Bruno BIG LIFTER is the big brother to the popular AWL 150 just with more capacity of  180 Kg enabling you to lift the heaviest mobility aids about today,. power chairs and scooters are no trouble for this strong unit from Bruno, simply attch the unit ot the hoist and press a button then guide the unit to the cargo area and the work is done. No more bad backs with this effortless system.

Bruno ASL 250 Out-Sider lift

The Bruno Out-Sider lift is s simple drive on drive off electric platform lift that attaches to the vehicle tow hitch for transporting your mobility device. With a unit weight of  49 Kg and a lifting capacity of 159 kg. these units require a vehicle tow ball weight rating of 200kg so please check your vehicles specification before fitting. Call us for detail as these units can be a ideal option for mobility trasnsport when fitted correctly to suitable vehicles.

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