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Devilbiss deal

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The Devilbiss auto adjust sleep cube is a cost effective & efficent sleep system designed to meet the highest standard of sleep theropy.

why buy second hand or pay over $2000.00 when you can have his brand new machine for only

Special price $1200.00

Call and ask about our mask & pillow special for $300.00 and get a complete sleep solution for

$1500.00 free postage.

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Winter Warmers

Winter warmer Deal . AfI Scooters top of the line Breeze "S' scooter complete with canopy to gaurd against those winter breezes.

All for only $7500.00
  ONLY 2 left at this price

call us for deliver option & details




Winter warmer 2

Pride Gopher XLD

The Gopher is back bigger and better and for the festive season at a rediculous price of $5000.00 complete with 50amp MK Gel Batteries how can you go wrong.Stylish 14.3' mag wheels one of the most comfortable seats on the market & supiorior suspension you would expect from this top of the line scooter.