Shoprider 888 SE

The perfect scooter for the lighter user but still wanting to cover large distance's but does not require the extra power & Capacity of the 889 Series scooter.All the same shoprider features and comfort plus value for money , what more can you say.

Pride Gopher NG

A medium to large Scooter from Pride with basic features to make this one of the best valued scooters in its class. A simple fold down seat is the only noticable cut back on this scooter with other standard features still include 4 pole motor, independent front and Mono rear suspension, plenty of leg room and a 160kg capacity , the Gopher Next Generation is truely a class act at a budget price. 

Pride Pathrider 140XL

A true pavement scooter with a coil over suspension package that offers the ultimate comfort. Built to last & provide years of service this flagship scooter from Pride combines modern styling with ultimate comfort .

Full LED lighting ,hydraulic brakes & pillow top seat & 13' pnuematic wheels.181kg weight capacity and at a affordable price this scooter is sure to impress.

Pride GoGO 4 wheel Scooter


The Go-Go Elite Travellers compact design allows it to easily manoeuver in tight spaces while providing stable outdoor performance. Take the guesswork out of travel with simple, one hand Feather-touch disassembly. Go where you want to go, easily, with the Go-Go Elite Traveller.

Exceptional quality scooter from the world bench mark leader in transportable scoters

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Shoprider Rocky 4

The Shoprider Rocky 4 is an outstanding model from the extensive range of mobility scooters available from Shoprider, the Rocky 4 is the budget priced alternative for a large modility scooter, it comes with all the features you expect from a scooter this size including a powerful 2hp motor , large 75 amp gel batteries, front / rear suspension & 225kg load capacity. The Rocky 4 comes with 330mm wheels for added ground clearence ,Airflow comfort seat , Fully rotating lockable seat , adjustable steering tiller and multi position lift up armrests.

Pride GO Go elite Traveller 3

Stylish lightweight motorised scooter from Pride Mobility designed for the boot and indoor applications, especially shopping malls. Some flat outdoor use also a possibility with this scooter. Easy collapsible design without the need to undo any plugs. Comfortable plush seat.  Interchangeable colour panels for different moods, or just keep some to smarten the scooter up at a later date. the bench mark in micro scooters priced under $2000. Would make a good second scooter for trips to the mall for those wanting a folding mobility scooter. Heaviest piece under 13kg.

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Pride Pathrider DX Sport.

Pathrider DX Sport is a new compact scooter that features sleek , sporty design & Delivers high performance operation..With a strong 4 pole motor & excellent electronics.With standard fetures like wrap around tiller , hand break, feather touch disassebley and front & rear suspension. The high vis LED light packages ensures safe operation in any condition all at a very affordable price.



Pride SportsRider

This exceptional scooter offers the user class leading style & comfort  & combines strength & stability into a scooter suitable for the demanding user. batteries can be up graded to 100 amp hr providing greater range or just piece of mind. the fully enclosed rear cargo pod offers security & protection.

large wheels &  one of the most comfortable seats you have ever sat on allows you to tackle those uneven surfaces in comfort & security all at a affordable price.

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Pride S16A

The Pride S16 A is the little brother to the S17A and offer all the style & comfort of the S17a just in a smaller version offering greater value for money . Ideal for  people under 100kg and wishing to travel only approx 10 -15 km a day this scooter will have you covered without compromising on quality

Shoprider 889SL

Tthe shoprider 889 Sl is the flagship of the 889 series scooter . a nice soft suspension package & comfortable seat has kept this scooter at the top of its group over the recent years. with a 2 speed switch & large modisty frort shroud the 889 SL is perfect for both Male & Female users with a wieght capacity of 136kg . match with your choice of battery size and secure a realistic price for a quality product.

Pride S17A Cuite

Cutie is a understament with this stylish scooter from Pride. Fully kitted out with LED lighting and one of the most comfortable rides in this class the New Pride Cutie is a true luxury scooter at a realistic price.

Afikim Sportster

A robust scooter that is built to go placesThe solid construction & superior strength & power of this scooter make it the ideal choice for the demanding user.The low profile & wide wheel base gives exceptional stability.Named after the famous Harley Davidson Motor bike & in the tradition of the infamous Model T Ford colour range (Black, Black or Black) this scooter is a modern Classic.


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Shoprider GK9 Little Ripper

The name say it all.

The GK9 Little Ripper from Shoprider is a little ripper to pull apart and place in the boot for Transport & Excellent around the shopping centres and local markets. With the heaviest part only 14.5 kg and a user weight of 136 kg( ON flat ground). this powerful transportable scooter truely a little ripper.




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Shoprider Allrounder

The Shoprider Allrounder is a new scooter From Shoprider it is loaded with great new features . the Allrounder has all the shopridewr features with 330mm tyres for safety & comfort, fully lockable rotating seat &adjustable steering tiller, and fold down arm rests.The reliability of these impressive scooters by Shoprider is further enhanced by the rear wheel drive & electro magnetic brake.

Pride GO GO LX with CTS suspension

The Go-GO LX with CYS Suspension (Comfort Trac Suspension) brings a new level of performance features and value to travel mobility.Featuring CTS independent front & rear suspension,sleek style,feature touch disassembly and standard lighting,the Go-GO LX with CTS suspension is the most advantced travel product available.

Drive Scout

THe Scout has many features which are only normally found on larger scooters. Its the first Drive Mini Scooter to include delts bars as standard, it also features the next generation drive splitting mechanism.The Scout is ideal for indoor & outdoors where the terairain is forgiving (eg. Smooth paths,shopping centres,Etc). The Scout has been developed to ensure a focus on comfort ,style ,performance and reliabilty.

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Afikim Sportster duel seat

All the features of the famous Sportster scooter with a duel seat & handy large rear wire basket for those extra items.

With a transaxle & controller matched to meet the extra demands placed on duel seat scooters  due to the extra load this scooter is built to last.

The ability to be used as a single or duel  seat scooters makes this a ideal choice for couples 

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Afikim Breeze Duel seat scooter

Designed to handle the extra loads this scooter can be used as a duel seat scooter or due to its large metal rear basket simply used when that extra space is required to transport larger & heavier items'Excellet suspension package & full light kit make this top of the range scooter a perfect choice.

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Shoprider Rocky 6

 As the flagship of the SHOPRIDER range the ROCKY 6 must be seen to be believed. It redefines the concept of reliability mobility. With a 2Hp motor, robust gearbox, great ground clearance and delta tiller, you will not be disappointed. When combined with the qualities of maximum possible safety, quality, comfort and reliability and you will see that the ROCKY 6 is a scooter to be enjoyed. The ROCKY 6 features the luxurious captain's seat, hydraulic and coil suspension and a host of other driver safety and comfort features.

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Drive Envoy 8

The Envoy "8" 4 wheel scooter is a excellent addition to our range ,with performance usually associated with much larger models . These scooters enjoy a whole host of excellent features including allround suspension,LED headlights and long range 50 ah batteries with a 500 watt motor

Afikim Breeze C 4 Wheel scooter

The outstanding design of the Breeze C along with the user comfort facilities: a fully adjustable swiveling orthopedic seat that gives easy access and an enjoyable ride, the DELTA tiller that provides easy steering and is fully adjustable to accommodate any driver. A top quality drive is guaranteed with an advanced full suspension system.

In addition the Breeze C features a large rear basket (optional accessory).
The 4 wheel model allows for a smooth and comfortable ride along with improved stability, indoor and outside. 


Pride Quest folding scooter

Ready for transport and easily folded, the 4 wheel Quest Folding Scooter is perfect for the active lifestyle. Offering great performance indoors and out at a maximum speed of 6km/h and a range per charge up to 20km, the Quest Folding Scooter provides a comfortable and convenient ride. It is super portable and is a great space saver that adjusts to fit perfectly inside any closet,corner or vehicle boot. The Quest Folding Scooter is sleek, stylish and extremely easy to operate, making it the perfect travel mobility scooter choice.  

Pride Pathrider 130XL

Quality medium to large scooter form Pride.Featuring full suspension packeage Lights & blinkers.this scooter has a strong 4 pole motor quality electronics & large battery capacity making it ideal for the high demand user.comfortable captains seat & puncher proof tyres complete this quality package.

Pride Gopher

Finaly a mid size 4 wheel scooter at a affordable price, the Pride Gopher is a quality product with stylish design and a very comfortable ride.

• Mono shock absorber rear suspension system
• Well padded adjustable high back seat
• Pneumatic tyres for a smooth ride
• 160 kg carrying capacity
• Full lights kit

The ride is smooth and comfortable, there’s plenty of power for most hills, and it will suit all but the tallest of people. It’s a good middle-of-the-road scooter for those needing local transport at an affordable price but want the extra comfort of suspension and seat quality. Comes with 33 ah batteries to give a range of up to 25 kms.



Merits Aurora

Introducing the Merits Aurora- this scooter has tried and true 4 pole technoligy coupled to a Dymanic rhino controller providing the lucky owner wiith one of the most reliable scooters on the market today.If you want to go all day over various types of terrain this is the scooter for you.Full suspension,full light package,quality captains seat and up to 85 amp batteries.What more can you ask for this quality work hourse.

Merits Interceptor

When it comes to ride & reliability the Merits Interceptor is the perfect package.First scooter in its class to offer a accessory port with USB  adaptor for your i phone or even a GPS the choice is yours. Full digital dash board and LED lighting package . this top of the line stylish scooter will surpass your every need.

When it comes to quality go no further .

Merits Explorer

Atlast a quality mdium to large scooter.the Explorer offers all the features of tis top of the line big brother the Interceptor but in a slightly smaller package . Luxurious ride & style are a given and matched to Merits uderlying quality products this scooter is hard to beat.

Priced from $4990.00 this scooter demands your concideration

Full digital dash , USB oulet , large pneumatic wheels. 

Merits Eclipse 10

Medium Sized quality scooter from Merits.

This tried & tested scooter has proven itself over many years of service , suttle improvements like roller bearing & the new rhino 2 controller have kept this scooter well and truely infornt of the pack when it comes to quality & comfort..Features include Good ground clearence,horizontal tiller , suspension front & rear, captain seat 10 'pneumatic tryes .



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Merits Eclipse 11

Merits Eclipse 11

You asked for it so we delivered. the new eclipse 11 has all the advantages of the eclipse 10 but with larger 4 pole technology & bigger wheels making this scooter ideal for those hilly area's or harder conditions.with all the fetures such as greater ground clearence , more torque, captain seat & full suspension & light package, What more could you ask for.

Merits Mono 4

Merits Mono 4 transpotable scooter is the premium transportable scooter available today.with powerful motor dynamic contoller & easy to assembley & dis- assemble .

21 amp hr batteries gives plenty of distence and the comfortable seat gets you there in style.

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Shoprider Venturer

Shop rider venturer is a perfect medium sized scooter with great suspension giving maxium user comfort..

With fetures like gass adjustable tiller front & rear suspension & 50 amp hr battery capacity this scooter will handle all your day to day requirements and its compact size enables you to go anywhere your heat desires.



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Merits Yoga

The Alternate all in one fold up Scooter, no tools required. Approved for airline travel Lithium Ion  Batteries.

Features strong light weight alloy aluminium frame for easy folding and carrying

Small foldable dimension for easy storage

Easy attach 24 volt Li- ion battery ,quickcharge with 2A off board charger

Height and angle adjustable steering tiller to fit individual user demand

Ideal for both indoor & outdoor use

patented twin front wheel w/spring suspension system offer excellent stabilityduring sharp turns

Optional arm rest


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This stylish EASY RIDER 3 wheel scooter was inspired by the motorcycle industry.the Easy Rider is our modern design scooter that includes all the tried and tested features of the drive range. The easy to operate vehicle provides state of the art performance and will give years of dependable service. Using technology borrowed from the automotive industry the all round suspension provides excellent ride quality and handling making a cruise on the EASY RIDER  both exhilarating and comfortable.


The Drive COBRA is a revolutionary scooter in terms of design, anesthetics and style.It has been aerodynamically designed to give an outstanding stable drive and greater battery consumption. Its a remarkable scooter that makes a huge statement and sets a new benchmark with its striking dynamic design & Features. This all new style scooter features delta bars as standard , LED lighting and the all round suspension will take your adventures to the next level.

AFI Breeze " S " 3 & 4 Wheels Scooters

Offering an enhanced driving experience with special attention to driver comfort. AFI scooters has taken its years of experience in developing advanced mobility scooters to a new level and created the optimal scooter. Featuring the most advanced safety systems in the world ,BREEZE S offers exceptional comfort, easy control and enhanced style.AFI scooters has taken every small detail into consideration with the BREEZE S to ensure driver safety and comfort, including state of the art electronic controls, advanced shock absorbers, reinforced chassis and fully adjustable orthopedic seats. Available in both 3 and 4 wheel versions for every application.